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Reccomended Timeshare Exit Companies

Fastest Exit

Fastest Exit is our top recommended service provider. They provide outstanding customer service and an unmatched success rate.

Switch It Title Exchange

Switch It Title Exchange specializes in canceling both deeded and right-to-use timeshares. Working with Switch It Title Exchange is a good choice if you have been a long time owner.

Timeshare Settlement Solutions

Timeshare Settlement Services focuses on canceling timeshares with debts and mortgages. They fulfill most cases that most companies can't.

Property Relief Consultants

Property Relief Consultants is a trusted provider that is a good option for first time timeshare owners who realize they've made a mistake. They provide good customer service.

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Questions about your timeshare?

Timeshare Advice is here to help. Below are the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best way to get rid of a timeshare?

The best way to get rid of a timeshare is to work with a reputable timeshare cancellation company. There is no secondary market for timeshares. Selling it is completely out of the question.

Do I need a lawyer to cancel a timeshare?

Usually not. A good timeshare cancellation company will have in-house legal advisers that are experienced in dealing with timeshare contracts. They will provide you with the appropriate legal documentation if needed on a case by case basis.

How do I sell my timeshare?

Selling your timeshare is nearly impossible. There is no secondary market for timeshares because the supply available greatly exceeds the demand. If somebody contacts you and says they can sell it for you for an upfront fee, chances are they are trying to scam you.

How much does it cost to cancel a timeshare?

There is no cookie cutter approach to timeshare cancellation. It is impossible to determine a fixed cost because each ownership situation is unique.

Can I cancel a timeshare if I still owe money?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a timeshare if you are in debt. We recommend that you work with a reputable timeshare exit company to ensure the best possible outcome. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to do it without professional help.

How can I get out of my maintenance fees?

If you want to get out of upcoming maintenance fees, the best month to start is now. Next month is when many resorts send out invoices for upcoming fees. You'll need to start now if you want to not be liable for those fees.

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